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Trusted Size Control
from MicroRidge & SiCam

LSIZE for Lumber Size Control


MicroRidge pioneered caliper-based lumber size control systems for lumber manufacturing in 1983 with LSIZE hardware and software systems.  Since the 1990's SiCam Real-Time has been the industry standard for real-time lumber size control scanning systems

In January 2011, these two industry leaders partnered together to bring LSIZE Wireless and SiCam Real-Time to lumber size control.  Customers now have a single source for the latest technology in lumber size control solutions from trusted industry leaders.  Read more



LSIZE Wireless

LSIZE Wireless is a caliper-based wireless measurement collection system. The user actually has real-time information during the measurement collection process.

View displays for shape charts, histograms and control charts on the touch screen as you collect your measurements.  The shape analysis builds on the display as measurements are taken.

Configure the measurement bins and receive the measurements collected by LSIZE Wireless using LSIZE Software for the PC.

LSIZE Software for the PC

LSIZE Software for the PC is used to configure the measurement bins for LSIZE Wireless and to receive the measurements collected by LSIZE Wireless.

Provides short and long-term analysis of your measurement information in both numerical and graphical representation.  You have the option to create and print a wide range of reports.

Included with the LSIZE Software for PC is LSIZE Mobile Quick Print which also allows you to print reports from the Handheld to a printer connected to your PC.

SiCam Real-Time

SiCam Real-Time is the industry standard for real-time lumber size control scanning systems.

SiCam Real-Time ensures that the right sensing technology located at the machine center delivers maximum accuracy.  It also reliably tracks manufacturing performance, identifies misbehaving cutting tools and components.  This results in quickly reducing the gap between the occurrence and detection of events of mismanufacturing cause.


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